Covid 19 Update

We are really pleased to hear the news from the Government about the date that pools can now reopen. We are still underway with plans and anticipate opening in early August for swimming lessons only. We are not able to answer telephone calls or reply to answerphone messages currently as the office is not yet open and our staff remain on furlough.

We would really appreciate your support and patience in this matter whilst we concentrate on reviewing the guidance from our governing body Swim England and how this can be implemented safely within Swimrite.

Please be aware that when we initially return there will be some changes, which we have started to outline below although we will establish this in more detail shortly. Please note this may continue to change dependent on Government advice.


Teaching Poolside
  • Teachers and assistants will most likely be teaching on the poolside and not in the water to remain socially distant.
  • In an emergency they would enter the water and make physical contact if only absolutely necessary.
  • Parents or guardians may be asked to get in the water with their child if their teacher feels they require support from in the water to be safe e.g. pre-school, younger children and beginners.

If parents are needed in the water for safety reasons, then the probability is that you would need to have a private or very small group lesson to enable social distancing.


  • It is imperative that you must turn up on time for lessons due to our strict timetable so we can maintain social distancing.
  • If you are late you will be turned away from the lesson and still charged.
  • Lesson days and times are not necessarily going to be the same due to the current situation and differing demands.
  • We may not be able to offer the same sized groups due to social distancing and demand.
  • To begin with not all our teachers will be returning due to personal circumstances therefore you may have a different teacher.
  • There will be a senior teacher or management present at Ploughcroft pool each day to oversee the running of the facility.
  • Please note that Rastrick lessons will likely be privates only or shared lessons within the same households/family to maintain social distancing. If you are willing to travel to Ploughcroft for shared lessons, please specify on the form.
  • When you fill out the form please be as flexible as possible.
  • Once we have everyone's response this will enable us to coordinate the lessons fairly and appropriately and then provide you with more definitive details.
  • The first Lesson back will include the following safety measures which will impact on the amount of teaching. This is advised by our governing body and essential for your child's safety.
  • This will include:
    • Re-assessing your child's swimming ability
    • Re-educating on safe practices in entering and exiting the pool
    • Re-educating on safety once in the water.

Beach Style Turn up / Changing Rooms.

  • Changing rooms will be open however to remain socially distant we will have to limit the use.
  • On arrival we will be asking for you to come with your costume or trunks underneath your clothing, onesie or robe and only use the changing rooms after your lesson.
  • We will require parents to keep their children's belongings with them as there will be no storage available in the changing rooms. This will enable us to maintain regular high standards of cleanliness.
  • We have set maximum capacity for each changing room to keep socially distant therefore we may have to stagger the lesson times to account for this.
  • Following your lessons, you may wish to leave wet in your robe to reduce possible contact and transmission further, but we appreciate that this is not ideal so changing rooms will be available.
  • We will encourage you not to use the shower to reduce any possible transmission of the virus. However, if absolutely required they would be available.
  • Only one parent or guardian to attend with their child within the building. If you have any siblings that are not in the water at the same time, please wait in the car. If the child is old enough to manage alone then we would ask parents to also stay in their car. We have a limited viewing area therefore to maintain social distancing we may have to prioritise viewing.


  • We will be implementing a strict and regular cleaning regime with staff.
  • Everyone entering the building will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser or your own alternative.
  • Everyone entering the building will have to sign in for track and trace purposes (parent and child)
  • There will be an ideal flow of traffic throughout the building which will be clearly signed.
  • The toilets will be open for use however we will be encouraging you to use your own toilet before you set off to minimise usage and it will be cleaned regularly.

Equipment / Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • We are unable to loan out any hats and goggles so these must be brought with you or bought on the premises.
  • The teachers will not be able to assist with hats and goggles throughout the lesson. Therefore, we are encouraging you to practice at home.
  • Items such as floats will be allocated to a child to use throughout the whole lesson and will be swilled regularly within the pool water for cleaning purposes as suggested by our governing body to reduce transmission.
  • In reception we will have a see-through barrier to protect our receptionists and customers.
  • Face masks will not be mandatory however if staff or customers wish to wear them then this is their individual preference.
  • Masks are not safe for babies and young children and cannot be worn in the pool whilst swimming.
  • If first aid is required, then we will encourage parents or children to assist themselves first with advice and we will only intervene physically where absolutely required. If we require to contact physically our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE such as mask, gloves and aprons.


  • We will encourage payment over the phone via card to reduce personal contact for customers and staff.
  • We shall offer contactless payment at Ploughcroft only.


  • If you are not ready to return now, please state on the form and your lessons will remain on hold.
  • For those who have returned to lessons if you become unwell or are required to self-isolate then we will be offering free fun swims to replace your lessons and these can be used once we are able to safely resume the funswims.








PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BY 26TH JULY to enable us to coordinate how lessons will run and provide you with days and times available. Please note dependent on your response we will be in contact with you in due time e.g. if your interested to return when we open in August you will be hearing from us end of July/Early August. If you have indicated you wish to return later then we will contact you closer to that time. Thank you.

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