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Changing room policy
Male parent/guardians are allowed into the BOYS changing room with boys and girls up to the age of 8 years old.

Female parent/guardians are allowed into the GIRLS changing room with girls and boys up to the age of 8 years old.

Older children -
9 years and above go to the relevant changing room for their gender. Poolside policy - Parents/guardians are NOT permitted on poolside unless invited by the pool co-ordinator. These rules comply with current Child Protection Regulations.

In Adverse weather conditions (i.e. snow) & you are unable to travel and we are teaching you will be offered a free fun swim

Pre Booked Holidays
(giving 7 days notice) will receive a free fun swim Each Free Fun Swim will be for 1 adult and 1 child at our allocated times at our Ploughcroft Pool. If attending Rastrick Pool, please request a fun swim voucher to take with you to the fun swim.

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