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Changing room policy
Male parent/guardians are allowed into the BOYS changing room with boys and girls up to the age of 8 years old.

Female parent/guardians are allowed into the GIRLS changing room with girls and boys up to the age of 8 years old.

Older children -
9 years and above go to the relevant changing room for their gender. Poolside policy - Parents/guardians are NOT permitted on poolside unless invited by the pool co-ordinator. These rules comply with current Child Protection Regulations.

In Adverse weather conditions (i.e. snow) & you are unable to travel and we are teaching you will be offered a free fun swim

Pre Booked Holidays
(giving 7 days notice) will receive a free fun swim Each Free Fun Swim will be for 1 adult and 1 child at our allocated times at our Ploughcroft Pool. If attending Rastrick Pool, please request a fun swim voucher to take with you to the fun swim.

Covid 19 Update

Please read the information below with regards to how we are currently running our swimming lessons due to Covid. This may change dependent on government advice and we are hoping as restrictions are lifted with social distancing we can go back to running our lessons as we previously did.

Teaching Poolside
Teachers and assistants are teaching on the poolside and not in the water to remain socially distant.

In an emergency they would enter the water and make physical contact if only absolutely necessary.

Parents or guardians are required to get in the water with their child if they are pre-school, beginners or if they have additional needs. This is so they can be supported in the water to be safe.

Ploughcroft Lessons

Lessons have remained 30 minutes at these premises.

Our capacity is currently reduced to adhere to social distancing in the pool.

Class sizes are variable dependent upon variety factors such as swimming ability, what other classes are on at that time and whether parents are required in the water.

There are no spectators currently allowed in the building due to our capacity and ability to adhere to social distancing to keep staff and customers safe.

Rastrick Lessons

Lessons are currently 20 minutes at these premises with only 3 in a class to adhere to social distancing.

There are no spectators currently allowed in the building.

Lessons will go back to 30 minutes once restrictions on social distancing are lifted.

Beach Style Ready / Changing Rooms / Spectators

On arrival we will be asking for you to come with your costume or trunks underneath your clothing, onesie or robe and only use the changing rooms after your lesson.

Following your lessons, you may wish to leave wet in your robe to reduce possible contact and transmission further, but we appreciate that this is not ideal so changing rooms are available for use.

Please bring one large bag for your belongings which can be left on the poolside during the lesson.

Showers are closed. If you have medical reason to use them, please discuss with management.

Only one parent or guardian to attend with their child within the building if they require support for dressing or in the water. Otherwise, we ask you to please wait in the car.

Hygiene / Covid Related Information

Everyone entering the building will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser or your own alternative.

Everyone entering the building will be signed in for track and trace purposes.

We are unable to loan out any hats and goggles so these must be brought with you or bought on the premises.

The teachers will not be able to assist with hats and goggles throughout the lesson. Therefore, we are encouraging you to practice at home.

Items such as floats will be allocated to a child to use throughout the whole lesson and will be swilled regularly within the pool water for cleaning purposes as suggested by our governing body to reduce transmission.

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